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How to Keep Roots From Wrecking Your Sewer Line

Trenchless Sewer Repair

It is natural for the roots of different trees to grow towards the drain line. Pipes are bountiful sources of water, oxygen and nutrients that the roots crave for. Roots grow quickly into the pipes to cause the sewer pipe blockages. The sewer leaks are uncertain and can lead to an unhealthy problem whose repair can cost a lot of money. If the roots find a crack or a leak in the sewer pipe, they creep in the wall of the pipe hence blocking the flow of the sewage. The following are the ways which can help you keep the roots from wrecking the sewer line;

Top Reasons Why You Cannot Ignore Email Marketing

Reasons Why You Cannot Ignore Email Marketing

The advent of social media hasn’t affected the popularity of email. In fact, email marketing is flourishing despite other marketing methods. If you are ignoring the potential of email, you are harming your business.

Customer expectations and behavior have changed over the years, and so has the email. It has adapted itself to the changing times and continues to be an important channel to promote your products.

How Trenchless Sewer Repair Technology Better than Other Pipe Repair Methods

Pipe Bursting

If you have hired sewer line guys who ended up tearing your lawn just to find the sewer line and fix the leak as a result of tree root intrusion or pipe aging, then you know how frustrating it can be. It is expensive too as you have to ensure proper clean up is done on the lawn which ends with replanting of grass.

Thanks to modern technology, home owners no longer have to endure digging of trenches on their front and back yard. Trenchless sewer line repair and replacement technology is a non invasive method that has revolutionized the way sewer line professionals make repairs.

Unlike the traditional method where trenches are excavated making one’s front yard look like a construction site, trenchless technology only requires two small pits – launch and receive. The technology utilizes less intrusive equipment to make repairs and replacement to old and damaged sewer line pipes.

This is why trenchless sewer line repair and replacement technology has become the go to method for many plumbing professionals. Here is why trenchless sewer line repair and replacement technology is better than other pipe repair technologies.

1. Cost effective

The question of whether to dig or not to dig has troubled the minds of sewer line professionals for a long time. In the past, home owners had to contend with a lot of dirt being left on their lawn. This was after a large trench was dug in order to locate the sewer line deep within the ground. The problem with the traditional digging method was that it was quite difficult to locate exactly where the problem is. Furthermore, it was important to inspect the pipe in order to determine future problems. This is why trenches were dug.

With trenchless sewer line repair technology, plumbing experts do not have to hire many guys in order to dig a trench. With a small excavator, launch and receiving pits can be made at both ends of a sewer line. Using a winch, pulling cable, expander head and hydraulic generators, the new pipe can be fitted into the existing pipe. This eliminates the high costs of re-landscaping the yard as well as hiring many people to dig up a trench.

2. Cleaner method

Home owners invest a lot of money in order to ensure that the front and back yard of their home looks amazing. You will find many hiring professional landscaping agents who will arrive with different samples of grass their clients will choose in order to have them planted. They also bring with them flower samples and hedge designs. The installation takes a substantial chunk of one’s bank account.

Since most home owners assume the responsibility of a sewer line as it is buried beneath the ground but when a leak occurs due to a crack, that’s the moment home owners remember its importance. When sewer line guys who use traditional methods are hired, a section of the well manicured yard will be dug up to find where the problem is. The damage caused is expensive and furthermore, it dirties the whole area again. Trenchless sewer line repair method eliminates this and ensures the whole process is clean.

3. High quality installation

There are buildings in towns and cities that were built in the 1800s and early 1900s. By then, sewer pipes were made of clay, concrete or metal. Due to aging and rusting, the pipes will definitely cause problems in the present day.

Trenchless sewer line repair technology uses high quality pipes made with tough plastic. The professionals use the Cure-in – place liners or full replacements. This uses seamless polyethylene piping which is a high quality material that lasts for long. The technology ensures joint free piping that eliminates tree root intrusion, cracks and off-set pipes. Furthermore, it will not corrode or rust.

4. Improved flow rates

Trenchless technology ensures that a high quality pipe is installed. The pipe uses seam less technology which means it lacks joints, withstands tree root intrusions, does not corrode, rust or crack. This is the ultimate solution that helps to improve the draining of waste water away.

Thanks to trenchless sewer repair method, waste water will not be blocked due to cracks leading to soil falling through or tree roots blocking the path. What home owners will avoid is back flow of waste water into the kitchen, toilet and bathroom.

This is attributed to the installation of larger pipes which are bigger than the old ones. The new larger pipes are designed to cater for an increasing population size.

5. Faster

Traditional sewer line repair technology like digging up a trench takes hours just to excavate the soil in order to locate the pipe. The method utilizes a trial and error technique thus resulting in the excavation of a trench. This not only requires a lot of man power and equipment but it takes a lot of time to dig, locate and make the repairs.

With trenchless sewer line repair technology, a small excavator which is operated by one man is used to make launch and receive pits. The same professional can use video inspection tools to locate where the problem is. Using an expander head, winch, pulling cable and new pipes, the job is done in less time compared to traditional digging method.

Why You Should Consider A Sewer Inspection

Sewer Inspection

A little known fact homeowners will be in a rude awakening for is that they are primarily liable for repairing the sewer line leading from their property down to the city line. Businesses and homes are in for a great dilemma should their sewer lines break down due to root infestation, cracking, disjointment due to house or ground movement and many others.

USA Electric Car Sales Increased by 48 Percent in July

The car

With consumers becoming more conscious about the negative impact cars have on the environment and the cost of fuel skyrocketing across the world, numerous car manufacturers around the world decided to shift their production on new full-electric vehicles along with plug-in hybrid models. Fast-forwarding to a few years later, all-electric cars have now become the norm with USA EV sales increasing by an amazing 48% in the month of July, this year.

Technology has made case packaging systems to go Robotic!

packaging systems to go robotic

The packaging process has always been used by manufacturers of products we use daily to protect their goods and also for branding purposes. Long before the process was common found, many packaging floors at product makers were lined by human workforce so doing it manually. As expected, this had a lot of flaws that needed innovation to step in and cut errors while increasing production rates.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Carpet Other Than its Beautiful Looks?


The main reason most people choose to install carpet is because of the beautiful and highly customizable appearance that it offers for any home or workplace. However, there are a number of additional benefits to installing carpet that are often overlooked by property owners. Installing carpet is a sound lifestyle and financial decision for a number of reasons that go far beyond its beautiful looks and luxurious comfort.

Moving House Soon? Here are some things you should be aware of.


Moving house might seem like a simple event to many people who’ve not done it before. For those of us who’ve done it before, we know how stressful it is. Some of us might have even suffered terrible experiences at the hands of careless movers. Damaged furniture, lost items, slow moving are one of the few problems that you may face.

The owner of the blog Movers Singapore, David, had to cough up more than $1500 to replace his damaged furniture. His movers had lost many of his items, and because of their carelessness, his TV was damaged, among other items.

Affordable listings in west Medford often draw bidding wars


For several months now, Medford’s real estate market has been hampered by very few homes sort after by too many buyers, hence restricting choices for prospective buyers and escalating the homes’ prices—something that has led to serious bidding wars.

The shortage of housing is a major problem not only for those looking for a cool place to call home, but also for those looking to invest in Medford’s real estate market and hopefully receive returns from rental income or profit from sale of rehabilitated homes.

Hydro Jetting & Root Intrusion: SAC Reader Response #2

Roots can get into a sewer line, causing leaks, clogs and damage to the pipe, causing a great deal of inconvenience for a family. Traditional methods of getting rid of the roots were quite expensive. A newer method, using hydro jetting, is helping homeowners save money.