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How To Back Up And Restore WhatsApp Chats With Google Drive


Many Android device users were patiently waiting for an application which can enable them Data Backup and Restore WhatsApp chats until recently when this came true. Thanks to Google Drive. This amazing application has the exceptional ability to back up your Watsapp messages, photos and videos while also enabling you to restore them any time you want. Many Android device users will find it very useful. But how does one back up and restore WhatsApp chats with Google Drive? This is probably the question that you might be asking yourself. Here is the answer.


If you are launching WhatsApp application for the first time using the latest version of Google Drive, you will receive a prompt asking you to switch on the back up feature. Alternatively, you can press on the menu option, go to settings, then chats and calls.This should lead you to chat backup option. You will also be able to access different options of Google Drive. Furthermore, you will be allowed to edit some of the options according to your preferences.

How Private Clouds Impact the Backup and Recovery Process?

Backup and Recovery Process

Why private clouds stand a chance of failing?

Cloud computing has changed the way software companies do business. Today with the help of cloud computing companies can save a lot of their overhead costs in both software and hardware by buying the cloud services. In cloud software and hardware are offered as a service and the companies do not need to invest in having them physically in their office. They can access their data from the cloud with something as simple as a web browser. This feature of cloud has increased the portability of data. Though popularly adopted as one of the best ways of computing private clouds are trending to fail. The reasons identified are not all related to technical issues.

How to Build a Dry Stack Big Block Retaining Wall


There are a lot of systems choices and ways to build dry stack big block retaining walls. Our recommendations come from many years of experience. The first key is if you are building 4 ft (1.2m) or higher it’s important to have the proper Engineering and soils review of the site. Soils play and have an important role in designing walls. Before you start, contact a local engineer or review the product installation and technical manuals.

Can We Use VPN on Android Without Any Vulnerability?


In a research report of Cyber Security Labs at Ben Gurion University, the security researchers elucidated the vulnerability found in Android 4.0 version which reportedly blamed to sabotage VPN (Virtual Private Network) security protection for Android.

Facebook Group, Bunz, Beating Other Computer Services on Many Facets.

Bunz, Beating Other Computer Services

The facebook groups section of the facebook phenomenon is seldom source for companies to grow from, which is why when a group gets a lot of traffic and proven business case that even investors are turning towards it, it grabs our attention. When 40 thousand facebook users come together and transact in the old way – barter trade, for services as odd as clothing to even engagement rings. Wildly being termed the second-hand economy in other news circles, Bunz has near replaced money in that you can take your old furniture and exchange that for something you have more use for. A lot of computer services in Edmonton have years to get such value.

Quorum IT Grow in Process Server Technologies.


Quorum information technologies, the company specializing in customer management systems for dealerships selling cars has released some interesting insights into their recent growth and we feel you should know how they are getting to the top. Their president, Maury Marks remarked how the past few years have been nothing less than a climb in their sales and development success of the products they sell to dealerships. Their software solution for dealerships offer process server capabilities based companies are using to interact with their clients much better as well as drive operations that increase sales.

Top Phuket Attractions That You Must See on Your Next Trip to Phuket


Thailand bucks and hens is a very good site where you can find the best information for your trips. It is an original and amazing platform to provide honest and updated advises regarding the trips and making arrangements for it. It provides professional tour management service for more years both nationally and internationally. In each place, this platform has local experts to explain the top attractions for you.

The Growing Demand for Application Performance Monitoring


Over the past decade, applications have evolved into the heart of all business operations, the dominant means of engagement with supply chain associates, channel partners and customers. As a result, application-centric models have become the norm for businesses and enterprises.

However, businesses are also being confronted with the growing complexity of these processes as today’s applications are often a collection of components sourced from different places: cloud, data center, third-party, etc. While the employee or customer looking at a browser will see a single application, many moving parts must operate in the necessary manner to provide an optimal end-user experience. Poor application performance can directly harm brand image while reducing revenue as customers fail to complete transactions.

Zerto Raises $50M for Business Data-Recovery Software


Zerto is in the business of data recovery. It has therefore come up with solutions to assist companies to recover data after failures. They offer data protection, recovery and migration in the event of a disaster.

Zerto is an Israeli firm which has secured $50 million financing in a campaign managed by US fund IVP. It is able to assist companies recover data after catastrophes and transfers it to the cloud or to virtual data centres.

Users To Quickly Free Up Space On iPhone With iMyfone Space Saver For iOs

iMyfone Space Saver For iOs

Acording to the latest announcement by one of the biggest tech firms, it will now be possible to quickly free up space on iPhone with iMyphone space saver for iOs. Thanks to the new application. Users of iOS devices such as iPhone are bound to benefit from this incredible space saver that will remove junk files and optimize the performance of their devices. This will help to solve the problem of slow performance due to too many files that are difficult to delete manually.