4 Ways To Fix A Cracked Cellphone Screen Repair

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Is your cell phone screen cracked? Are you looking for some best cell phone repair options in Vancouver to get the broken screen of your cell phone repaired? Here are 4 different cracked cellphone screen repair options that could work for you.

We know it’s a bad day for you and if you don’t have any good cell phone repair options in mind, then it could be a bad month as well. Well, there is nothing to worry and no need to buy a new cell phone because you can get your cell phone repaired at an affordable price considering the options we are going to list today.

So, let’s explore some great ways to get your cell phone repaired in Vancouver.

1 – Contact Manufacturer Of Your Cell Phone

Cell Clinic recommends that every cell phone users checks with the manufacturer of their phone before attempting any DIY cell phone repair approaches.

If you have bought any warranty plans like Apple’s AppleCare+, Samsung’s Protection Plus, or HTC’s Uh-Oh Protection Plan, then there is nothing to worry about. These plans will cover your cell phone’s screen and other accidental damages. So, if you bought a warranty plan before the damage happened, you’re covered.

However, there are different terms and conditions that are applied by the cell phone manufacturers. Also, please note that – getting your cell phone repaired by your manufacturer can be very expensive if you’re not covered with any protection or warranty plan.

2 – DIY Approaches

DIY approaches are considered a wallet-friendly way to fix a broken cell phone screen. However, you will have to be an expert to proceed with a DIY cell phone repair. There are many online tutorials available, and you can go through them to replace the broken screen of your cell phone. Sometimes you may need to replace only the front glass and other times you may need to replace the entire screen.

To proceed with the DIY cell phone repair approach, you will have to buy a new screen for your cell phone from Amazon, eBay or other sites. Also, make sure you do some research so that you buy the right screen for your cell phone. Also, you will need tools to complete the replacement. Overall, depending on the parts and tools that you need, DIY cell phone repairs can cost you anywhere between $170 to $250 CAD.

Cell Clinic never recommends anyone to proceed with the DIY cell phone repair approach because it requires expert level skills. One small mistake during a DIY repair could lead to significant damage, and you may have to spend double the amount to repair the damages. Also, by repairing your device yourself, you may void the manufacturer warranty. So, think twice and proceed with caution.

3 – Out Of Warranty Repair

If you haven’t bought a warranty plan from the manufacturer and you don’t want to proceed with a DIY cell phone repair, then there is another option to get your cell phone repaired in Vancouver. Apple, Samsung and all other manufacturers offer out of warranty repair services at their store.

So, contact your cell phone manufacturer and ask them to estimate the overall cost of repairing the broken screen of your cell phone. Also, please note that the overall cost of repairing your cell phone without warranty or a protection plan at the official manufacturer store can be more expensive than going to a quality cell phone repair speciality shop.

4 – Local Repair Shop

If you want to go with a wallet-friendly option and get your cell phone repaired faster, then this one’s for you. Local repair shops are always a great cell phone repair option. However, not all local repair shops use the same level of parts and offer genuine repair services, or offer a warranty. Therefore, you will have to be smart, and you should research to find out what the best local repair shop, that offers genuine cell phone repair services using quality replacement parts.

Cell Clinic is such a store, located in Vancouver BC – where quality repairs and great customer service is guaranteed at an unbeatable repair cost. Also, you can ask Cell Clinic’s friendly and trained technicians to diagnose your device first and estimate the overall cost for free before getting started with the repair or doing screen replacement for your cell phone.

If you’re looking for a genuine cell phone repair service in Vancouver at an affordable price with a 6 month repair warranty, then going to Cell Clinic can be a wise and wallet-friendly decision.

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