7 Things You Need to Know Prior to Roof Replacement in Allendale

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Roof replacement in Allendale is a major undertaking. It can be expensive, time consuming, and can make you struggle with several necessary decisions from shingle style to how the color will impact your curb appeal. A roof is more than just the hat that makes your home appear finished – it’s what helps protect your home from the elements.

Before you make any decisions regarding potential roof replacement in Allendale, make sure you understand all the various components of this task.

1. Roof Replacement in Allendale: There are definitely times when you can do roof repair or partially reroof your home, but if your roof is older, has missing or damaged shingles in multiple areas, or has recurring problems – such as shingles that frequently come off – it may be time to think about replacing your roof. Your best first step is to get it inspected by a reputable roofing company to find out if a partial or full roof replacement is required.

2. Types of Roofing Materials: Newer roofing materials are introduced all the time. If the last time you reroofed your home was 20 years ago, it’s definitely time to take a look at what else is available today.

In addition to some of the more traditional shingles there are also highly attractive metal roofs that give the appearance of other materials. Newer materials can cost more than the traditional 3-tab asphalt shingles, but they may also last longer and provide better curb appeal.

3. Layering or Stripping: If you currently have asphalt shingles on your roof, you may have no choice in how you proceed with the new shingles, depending on what’s already up there. You can have up to two layers of asphalt shingles on your roof. Layering one layer on top of the other is a good way to save some money on installation costs.
Unfortunately, you can only do this once, and the shingles adhere better directly to the roof than to another layer of shingles, so if you live in an area with high winds, you may be better off stripping.

4. It’s Going to Be Loud: During your roof replacement in Allendale, keep in mind that it is going to be loud. The scraping and stripping of the old shingles, and the hammering and installation of the new ones is going to cause a lot of noise. If you, your pets, or your children are sensitive to sounds, you may need to find a place to be out of doors.

5. Proper Installation: Before you let the roofers up onto your roof, you should understand what the process is going to entail. Make sure you find out if they’re stripping or layering, whether or not there will be a height difference if you are only partially reroofing, and that they are taking care to flash and trim the appropriate areas.

6. Warranty: Carefully review the warranty on your new roof regarding what is and isn’t covered. A new roof is an investment in your home and it doesn’t come cheap. You should know what your warranty covers in the event of a problem, so you can ensure it gets taken care of properly and in a timely fashion.

7. Get a Contract: Before you allow a roofer onto your roof, make sure that you have a contract that spells out everything you have discussed. You should see the type of shingles, and the appropriate color selected, the area or areas being worked on, and what the job entails – stripping, layering, flashing, etc. Get referrals, ask all the questions that you need to, and make sure that anything discussed is in the contract before work begins.

Roof replacement in Allendale is a major investment, so don’t leave anything to chance. Stay as informed as possible and weigh each of your options carefully before making any decisions. In the end, your new roof should last you at least 20 to 30 years, so make sure you’re happy with the results in the end.

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