All About the Zero Tolerance Knife Brand

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ZT folding knives (Zero Tolerance Knives) is used by many as an everyday carry. ZT has a reputation for producing tough, good quality, rugged combat knives.

Zero Tolerance is a brand that has rapidly gained in status and recognition in recent years.

Who Are They

Zero Tolerance Knives is a knife brand of the Kai USA family, located in Tualatin, Oregon. Though the company is new, with Zero Tolerance producing their first knife in 2006, they have rapidly gained in popularity. ZT’s knives have won awards eight times at the Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia.

They design and make high quality, durable, combat knives in a variety of sizes and styles. In recent years the brand has expanded from strictly combat knives to more general, every-day carries, and they produce both fixed and folding knives.

Zero Tolerance Knives

The Designers

Over the years, Zero Tolerance has collaborated with top knife makers like Ken Onion, Tim Galyean, and Strider Knives. To list all of the excellent designers that ZT has worked with would require a post specifically dedicated to them.

Knife enthusiasts everywhere are familiar with Ken Onion’s work, and the advances he’s made with knife designs, such as the SpeedSafe assisted open system. Tim Galyean is famous for his work creating high-end tactical knives, and really set the standard for ZT. Strider Knives is privately owned and dedicated to creating knives to weather the toughest situations.

Considering the specialties of each of these knife makers, it becomes much clearer how ZT has managed to consistently perform to such high standards.

When you buy ZT folding knives online, you’re purchasing the passion and expertise of the designers as well as the quality materials used to make them.

The Knives

Zero Tolerance Knives has a full range of folding and fixed blade knives, made from top quality steel. Some knives have gone through several incarnations and upgrades as modern technology has provided new steels to use in the manufacturing process. From M390 to CPM-20CV, to the CTS-204P, ZT begins with premium steel.

The folding knives have side scaling for improved grip and to prevent slippage no matter the task at hand. Some handles are G-10, but many are made of titanium or other durable materials. One thing to watch out for is that not all ZT knives are designed for left-handed carry, so any lefties out there need to pay attention and read the specifications.

Final Thought

In short, ZT knives are designed by quality knife makers and made with a degree of expertise rare in the industry.
From knives with specific usages, like a survival knife, to an EDC, the large variety of styles makes it virtually impossible not to find a knife that suits your needs,