What Are the Benefits and Uses of Plastic Edge Trim in Modern Industries?

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From ornamental trim and fireplace retardant trim, to sewable upholstery trim and fender flare trim, Trim-Lok manufactures a selection of edge trim to fulfill the specific desires of your undertaking. Designed to cowl tough edges in temperatures that range from -20° to 158°+, edge trim comes in a spread of dimensions to address numerous thicknesses Edge Trim.

While the majority of our edge trims are available thicknesses that range from 1/sixty four inches to half inches, Trim-Lok can create a custom profile to suit you. With packages that range from van doorways and equipment guards to pc cabinets and playground equipment, Trim-Lok’s side trim may be used wherever a protective or decorative trim is needed.

Made of bendy PVC trim with man or woman internal metal clips and gripping tongues, Trim-Lok’s side trim is simple to put in and gives a more potent grip than most of the options in the marketplace. All Trim-Lok merchandise are proudly made in America, and use handiest excessive exceptional parts. With over forty years of experience, Trim-Lok is absolutely able to manufacturing best merchandise which are assured to satisfy both your private and expert expectations.

Ordering aspect trim from Trim-Lok is as smooth as 1-2-three – absolutely determine the thickness of your part, pick your preferred trim series and colour, and choose a texture. From there, determine your order amount based on the elements minimum quantity in keeping with field and put up your side trim order. Installation is made smooth via our how-to films and helpful customer service. From design to production, let Trim-Lok deal with your edge trim wishes.If you’ve ever seen furniture within the making, you will recognise that wood boards have a uncooked edge whilst cut. This uncooked aspect, while left exposed, can pose extreme problems in your furniture. Apart from searching unpleasant and being the reason to your nicks and scratches, those can permit moisture to seep in and purpose the wooden to warp and turn out to be lumpy. Enter, Edge Bands – the strips that go on the cease of raw wooden boards and cover and seal the entirety up. This weblog is set those wonder children of the modular fixtures international.

What Is Edge Banding?

The method of protecting the raw edges of wood panels with a thin strip of wood, PVC, or resinous fabric is called aspect banding, and the slim strips themselves are known as aspect bands. Commercially, facet banding is executed the usage of enterprise-grade heat applicators and a warm-soften adhesive. For modular furnishings, the fabric used is ordinarily PVC which is simple to restoration and has an extended lifestyles.

Do note: Membrane press end fixtures does no longer require an side band due to the fact the membrane fabric itself is used to fold over the brink of the wooden, consequently concealing the cut side and offering safety.

Why Should My Furniture Have An Edge Band?

Modular fixtures is made the use of engineered wooden. As such, the wooden is dealt with and made proof against moisture with the aid of treatments. However, it is a natural tendency of timber to take in water and that can not be modified absolutely – it is able to only be reduced. Edge banding protects the timber panels on your furniture from moisture, as a consequence reducing the consequences of atmospheric humidity, liquid spills and such on the strength and durability of the timber. So, the next time you spill coffee in your desk and it drips down the edge, thank the edge banding for protecting the wood.