Facebook Group, Bunz, Beating Other Computer Services on Many Facets.

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The facebook groups section of the facebook phenomenon is seldom source for companies to grow from, which is why when a group gets a lot of traffic and proven business case that even investors are turning towards it, it grabs our attention. When 40 thousand facebook users come together and transact in the old way – barter trade, for services as odd as clothing to even engagement rings. Wildly being termed the second-hand economy in other news circles, Bunz has near replaced money in that you can take your old furniture and exchange that for something you have more use for. A lot of computer services in Edmonton have years to get such value.

Facebook Group, Bunz, Beating Other Computer Services on Many Facets.

Many Facets.

Some of the weirdest of trades have been known to happen on the group, which goes to why a lot of people are always logged on and commenting on items placed on offer. Imagine how an avid book reader would cover ground using such a service and you can tell the business case. Obviously, users would have to complete the trade out of the group but the value would have been lived. If only computer services had thought about this.

The group has since spread to other areas across Canada and has a lot of comedy being preached about the possibility of getting anything you want for the most undesirable of services and items in your possession. One such trade included a possum for a furniture table. Another common item being requested is wine…yes, a wine bottle in exchange for a variety of items from shoes to, well, anything.

The original idea source, one lady by the name of Emily Bitze, has caught the attention of investors and put a mark on the exchange economy if items through social interaction. A simple 5 lines of conversation can be enough to seal the deals most common on Bunz. currently, the app, available on Android and iOS platform, sees more than 2 hundred trades daily, these figures are set to rise as more downloads and areas get covered.

When you look at it, a lot of sense is made from the fact that you want money to buy stuff, which is what you end up with in a trade. If you have a lot of stuff, on bunz, you are rich – just as in the real world. Sure bet is that booze is huge currency over the weekend. Take money out of the equation and a more efficient, trust building and community encouraging form of transaction is created.

All inventions sort of came from the dire need of something, she only needed to make ends meet when she created the group, then Bumz and later changed to bunz on members’ requests. We went on a lot of areas’ pages and discovered that their administrators actually deleted posts from users who were ‘ISO’ in search of money. I guess the young are tired of how money has shaped the world, wouldn’t you say?