Can We Use VPN on Android Without Any Vulnerability?

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In a research report of Cyber Security Labs at Ben Gurion University, the security researchers elucidated the vulnerability found in Android 4.0 version which reportedly blamed to sabotage VPN (Virtual Private Network) security protection for Android.

Can We Use VPN on Android Without Any Vulnerability?

VPN on Android

Vulnerability in Android

A malicious app was found installed in the Android phone which secretly without any specific app permission was bypassing an active VPN connection on Android and diverting the data traffic from the device through an attacker-operated system where it was intercepted and can be seen as readable text without encryption, worst part was that the users were totally unaware about and was living with an illusion of complete VPN security, it like this malicious Android app stabbed users in the back and caused grave damage to their online security without disclosure of being evil. This created massive panic in all Android 4.0 users as they were concerned about their online data security.

Effects of Android Vulnerability

A VPN is smart technology used mainly for two major reasons; to enhance online security and privacy and keep cyber evils and privacy intruders at bay, and to evade geo-restrictions and censorships over the internet, but imagine even after the full security and privacy protection from your Android VPN, your online data is still exploited and you even don’t have any idea about it as this malicious app on Android doesn’t require any root permission or any special app permission nothing could be scarier than this because once you get VPN on your Android device you feel completely safe and browse the internet freely and such secret loopholes can cause real long-term damage to your online data and it is a treat for all the cyber attackers as they can fulfill their evil desires without your knowledge and any suspicion, it is like silent killer of your online security and privacy on your Android device.

Users Remain Unaware of the Vulnerability
The malicious app which enforces your Android VPN client to route your data channel towards a different attacker-operated server other than your VPN provider and during the whole time you are totally unaware this secret loophole in your Android device, this can cause serious damage to your online information as you think you are fully protected by the security of your VPN for Android and feel no hesitation in sharing the data across internet as you know you are in safe hands of VPN, but actually, you are not, which is really alarming.

Threats by the Fake Server
The fake server towards the device data is routed by the malicious app have complete access to the user’s online data because it is delivered unencrypted due to bugs in the Android app which dissolved the encryption of the VPN and if the fake server resend the data back to the original server user would be completely unaware of the stolen data due to loophole in it Android security.

Use VPN on Android without any Vulnerability

Although there are some adverse effects on this Android vulnerability on your online security but can be completely avoided with some cautious phone habits, as a video demonstration was given later on by the researchers of Cyber Security Lab at Ben Gurion University, this malicious app can only be functional on your Android device after installation, which means if you are a cautious user you must always download and install app from Google Play Store to avoid such malicious app installation and the most important thing is to use the Best VPN for Android, which gives you unbeatable security for all your online threats and keep you alert of installation and presence of such malicious apps by its built-in Android malware scanners which gives you complete satisfaction.

Final Thought

Regardless of the fact which Operating System you use for your smartphone either Android or iOS you are always exposed to vulnerabilities related to cyber-threats, and some cautious habits and good VPN apps for your Android can save your life in the digital world.