Holiday Gift Guide: EDC Knives

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Choosing the right knife means taking into account certain factors, and your knowledge of the recipient can help. After all, people choose an everyday carry pocket knife based on their job, hobbies, and personalities.

This is the kind of gift that will be different from one person to the next, as everybody has different interests, needs and hobbies. All it takes is answering a few simple questions.

What Will the Knife be Used For?

An everyday carry knife is meant how it sounds – for daily use – but EMTs, have different needs to farmers, who have different needs to anglers. It all depends on what the knife is intended for.

If you’re around water a lot, consider a knife that is either titanium or coated for additional protection. First responders may prefer a knife with a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter. Farmers and outdoor types will be spending a lot of time around dirt, so choose a knife that has fairly enclosed moving parts.

Everybody likes a solid, durable knife from a knife maker with a good reputation for quality products.

What Opening Mechanism is Preferred?

For opening mechanisms, there is the popular two-handed manual open, which is usually done via a thumb clip, or an assisted open. Most people prefer an assisted open as they’re fun, and can be opened one-handed.

Flippers and thumb studs the main types of assisted opens, and there is a reason to choose one over the other. Not every knife has dual thumb studs, and some people will want it ambidextrous. Also, if the knife is a bit smaller, having a flipper option makes it easier to open with large hands.

Types of Edges.

For an all-purpose every day carry (EDC), a smooth edge is a good choice. As long as the blade is sharp, it performs as well as a serrated. However, if the person is likely to find themselves needing to cut rope or other tough materials, a semi-serrated can be hand. Bear in mind that semi-serrations reduce the overall cutting edge available.

A fully serrated edge is very task-specific, and not ideal for an everyday carry.

Blade Shapes.

It’s too difficult to get into every shape and its uses, but here’s a crash course. Drop points, clip points, and straight backs are excellent shapes for general purpose usage. There’s plenty of belly for slicing, and the tips tend to be strong enough to deal with normal everyday tasks.

Spear points and trailing points are good for those who enjoy hunting, and a spear point is the perfect shape for a survival style knife in emergency situations. Tanto knives are almost exclusively combat blades, though reverse tantos are becoming more popular as EDCs.

So now you have an idea what to look for, all you need to do now is see what kind of everyday carry pocket knife for sale suits the people you’re looking for. Happy hunting.