How to Keep Roots From Wrecking Your Sewer Line

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It is natural for the roots of different trees to grow towards the drain line. Pipes are bountiful sources of water, oxygen and nutrients that the roots crave for. Roots grow quickly into the pipes to cause the sewer pipe blockages. The sewer leaks are uncertain and can lead to an unhealthy problem whose repair can cost a lot of money. If the roots find a crack or a leak in the sewer pipe, they creep in the wall of the pipe hence blocking the flow of the sewage. The following are the ways which can help you keep the roots from wrecking the sewer line;

Determine the location of the sewer line

This can be done by calling the local public works to help you in locating the underground utility. This is always a good idea in knowing where the cables, pipes and the lines are buried before doing the landscaping. This can help you in determining if there are trees that near the sewer line. Houses are required to have a clean out cap.They can be white or black ABC pipes that are suck out of the ground. One of the clean out cap is stuck out the ground while the other one is laid at 13 feet of the curb.

Choose the tress to plant wisely to prevent future tree root issues

This will help in the prevention of the excessive bills. You need to plant the trees and shrubs that are sewer safe. This is the best way of planning your landscape well. People need to plant the larger trees far away from the sewer lines. This will ensure that the roots aren’t within the reach of the sewer pipe. Keep the trees at least 10 feet away from the sewer line. This will take a long time for the roots to reach the sewer pipe lining. If you think that it is necessary to remove a tree that you feel it is a threat to the sewer line, you can do so after the inspection by the camera.

Creation of a barrier between the sewer line and the trees

There are different types of barriers that can discourage the roots growth into the sewer line. Slowing the release of chemicals is one of the ways. The most commonly used herbicide is the copper sulfate. These growth inhibitors are spread near the sewer line to prevent the growth of the roots in the area. A metal or a wood barrier is the send method. They can be buried at 6- 12 inches deep next to the sewer. These are the good ways of preventing the roots from growing.

Know the red flags a clogged sewer line.

When the trees have clogged the sewer system, the drains can overflow or create strange noises. When you notice this, you need to call a professional plumber to inspect the sewer line. When the drains clog, they become difficult to clear. They require being inspected .After the inspection process; the plumber can recommend the best option for the Sewer Repair Indianapolis, IN.

The roots can be cut by the hydro cutter or kill the roots growth temporarily or stuck to the walls of the pipe to prevent the regrowth of the roots.