Moving House Soon? Here are some things you should be aware of.

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Moving house might seem like a simple event to many people who’ve not done it before. For those of us who’ve done it before, we know how stressful it is. Some of us might have even suffered terrible experiences at the hands of careless movers. Damaged furniture, lost items, slow moving are one of the few problems that you may face.

The owner of the blog Movers Singapore, David, had to cough up more than $1500 to replace his damaged furniture. His movers had lost many of his items, and because of their carelessness, his TV was damaged, among other items.

moving houses

He shares some tips on how to avoid experiencing the same thing he did.

1. Make sure to pack AND label your important items yourself

Most professional movers offer packing and labelling services. While it’s great that they can save you a lot of time, important documents and items should be packed yourself so that you know where they are. This will save you lots of time afterwards looking for stuff that you need.

2. Engage someone you Like and Trust

Many of us instinctively go for the cheapest movers. However, in this once-in-a-lifetime event, we want to make sure that everything goes smoothly. A good mover would care for your items properly, and make sure that everything goes smoothly for you. If something feels wrong about the mover, do not be afraid to reject the mover’s services. Someone who you like and trust would also be willing to go the extra mile to make sure that you settle into your new home nicely.

3. Be sure Your items are insured

81% of insurance providers covered possessions during removal as standard – but only if you’re using a professional to transport them. Be sure to check with your insurance company if your items are insured. Valuables are usually excluded from cover, so be sure to take special care of them. If your items are not insured, be sure to ask your movers if they provide any insurance. It’s usually provided as a supplement.

4. Put your Necessities into a clearly labelled Box

You don’t want to reach your new home at night, and spend hours looking for clothes and shower things. Also make sure that your new home has the essentials set up! This includes stuff like electricity, water heater, air conditioning, and beds!

5. Get at least 3 Quotes From different movers before agreeing

There’s no fixed price for moving house, and the next company might quote you a price that’s half as much, or three times that.
Make sure that the company sends a person down to survey your items, and get a WRITTEN quote from them. This is to prevent them from adding on to the agreed quote, which many movers do.