Quorum IT Grow in Process Server Technologies.

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Quorum information technologies, the company specializing in customer management systems for dealerships selling cars has released some interesting insights into their recent growth and we feel you should know how they are getting to the top. Their president, Maury Marks remarked how the past few years have been nothing less than a climb in their sales and development success of the products they sell to dealerships. Their software solution for dealerships offer process server capabilities based companies are using to interact with their clients much better as well as drive operations that increase sales.

Quorum IT Grow in Process Server Technologies.

Process Server Technologies.

Their products now include more car manufacturers such as Ford, Lincoln, Toyota among the plenty that were already stock of their XSellerator Dealership Management System. Quorum has developed what they are calling an M3 process (make more money), which seems to be working for dealerships already working with variations of their software solutions for improved customer communication as well as the access to training on how to optimize their dealership to ‘M3’ from their implementation specialists and industry specialists.

More employees to support already made installations as well as new ones as the year progresses have been introduced into the company. The importance of having a process server clients are already benefiting from, include a faster response system to the requests that come from clients upon visiting the dealership and even when contacting your dealership remotely. The focus when developing the systems was such that more deals could be signed.

Looking into Quorum closely revealed that they were a listed company, appearing as QIS on the TSX. it was selected for its successes and potential to blow up on the 2016 TSX Venture 50 list. This is a compilation of steady and growing companies from the thousands listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Their CEO has always attributed the company’s increasing popularity to the teams creating and supporting the applications dominating the dealership management systems market.

Recently, Quorum introduced mobile devices and made them available on both the Android and iOS platforms for increased efficiency of dealerships when clients walk into their showrooms. This takes process server  experiences to new heights. At NADA – Las Vegas hosted show, they mentioned that the first application will be an extension of their XSellerator side of inventory while the second will focus on CRM functions. This brings a lot of benefit for marketing personnel to make follow up communication with clients from anywhere where they please, as opposed to having to be in front of their workstations in the past.

Such innovations along with how they follow up on their clients with training sure explains why they are experiencing the growth they claim to have seen. There seems to be on end in sight for the company as they have still a lot of automobiles to integrate with their DMS and offer clients in Canada and the world over a lot of competitive advantages from their rivals.