How to Tell When It’s Time to Replace Your Drains in Malden, MA?

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Ever experienced having to Replace or repair your broken drain lines in Malden, MA? Some homeowners just shudder at the thought. But it’s a necessary process nonetheless. As you move in to a new property, you’ll eventually have to replace or repair your pipes and drains after so many years. The drain pipes of yesteryears only last a good 15 years at best. You’ll start noticing small defects that can aggravate and become big problems in the long run. Here’s how to tell when it’s time to Replace your drains in Malden, MA:

Unusually Slow Drainage

If you’re staring for what seems to be an eternity for your drain to empty the water, it could mean it’s time for a Sewer and Drain replacement. This could occur where drains are present- in the bathroom or the kitchen, and they aren’t really hard to spot. When you notice your drains working less and less efficiently, you can try to have it cleaned at first. If that doesn’t work, then you may have to call a qualified plumber to replace the problem drain.

Pipes That Leak

Do a quick check-up of the visible drain pipes in your house. Turn on the tap and see if they are leaking. This might be tricky if you suspect the problem is in the floor drain or in the shower. Nevertheless, having an experienced plumber do a routine drain inspection will reveal the specific problem within your drain. It also saves you money by preventing that small problem from developing into a catastrophic nightmare. In average, an American home can lose up to 20,000 gallons of precious water from leaky pipes and drain each year.

Low Water Pressure

A low water pressure problem should be included as a drain problem, along with the usual suspects. This is because old pipes that have residue gummed up inside can, and usually does, lower the overall water pressure. The pipes may need to be thoroughly cleaned in order to restore normal water pressure.

Drains That Stink

You may have noticed a malingering odor that comes up in the most inopportune times. You’ve checked your refuse bin, the floor and the countertops, but have found no likely culprit. Believe it or not, it could be your drain that’s making your kitchen or bathroom smell bad. The suspect in these cases are the residues that get stuck in the pipes. Homeowners can eliminate this problem completely by hiring a professional drain cleaner.

Sediment and Rust Build-Up

The presence of rust and unknown sediments lurking around your drain opening should not be ignored. This could mean that there’s an issue with your drain line. This is most common in floor drains. If left unchecked, the rust and sediment buildup can erode your cleanout plug which can then result in sewer gasses coming in the house. When you find a mysterious bad odor emanating from your bathroom or kitchen, then it means you should call in professional help to get your drain replaced before it gets any worse.