Top Phuket Attractions That You Must See on Your Next Trip to Phuket

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Top Phuket Attractions That You Must See on Your Next Trip to Phuket

Phuket Attractions

When you are choosing Phuket Island for your summer or holiday trip, there are so many experts who can explain the top attractions in this place. It is very nice to get the best trip advises and services from this Thailand bucks and hens website affordably on the internet.

Top attractions of Phuket Island:

When it comes to the top attractions in the Phuket Island, here are a few suggestions given by the experts.
Patong beach – It is one of the longest phuket beaches which were also beautiful to see and enjoy. It has a number of adventure activities which you never ever experience in any other Island beaches. This beach is really superb for the people to watch and enjoy the fun of Thailand. You can surely experience a new way of living on Patong and you can also find more shopping to keep you always entertained.

  • Phuket town – The town of Phuket island actually lies on the South-Eastern coast on the picturesque bay. The architecture of this town is influencing of the Portuguese aesthetic and also Chinese immigrants.
  • Rawai village – Even though Rawai is a small village having a simple lifestyle of the people, it has roots in the Andaman and also Nicobar islands which committed to their personal beliefs and also customs. This village has its own small fishing harbour and also beach with the
    swamp oaks and coconut palms.

Some other Phuket Island attractions to visit:

Thailand bucks and hens trip advising site also recommend some other phuket attractions for the travellers.

Four branch coconut palm – On the way to the Rawai village, you can see the amazing botanical rarity which is the four branch coconut pal. This tree is actually more than 60 years old. In the first 2 years, its trunk spilt in two parts, and after more 20 years two branches developed in those two split trunks.

Phuket aquarium – It is really a fun option for the youngsters and kids to experience a marine life in this Island. Even those smaller ones can’t go diving to find the different types of exotic fishes, crabs, sea turtles, and star fishes, you can see them on the display of aquarium. You have to book the tour in the marine biology research centre to visit everything.

Hat Nai Yang national park – It is located on the North Western end of the Phuket Island and this park is very special to see because there are the turtles come onto land at the night time to lay their eggs.