Topanga Swim Tank Tops for Mastectomy Patients

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For many women, summer means lazing about by the pool, getting some sun at the beach, or cooling off in the water. For women who’ve had a mastectomy, however, those activities can cause some level of anxiety. It’s no secret that body-image issues affect many breast cancer survivors, and perhaps more than anything else, donning a revealing swimsuit can bring those issues to the fore. This is the problem that T.H.E. set out to solve with their line of Topanga bathing suits.

Topanga bathing suits for mastectomy patients can help bring the enjoyment back to summer activities. With pockets for breast forms or enhancers on both sides of the chest, these mastectomy bathing suits help breast cancer survivors get some of their summer confidence back.

Designed to Be Different Yet the Same

Designed by T.H.E., Topanga tops come in two varieties: standard and mastectomy. Both varieties share the same designs across the entire range. This shared design makes it extremely hard to distinguish a standard-version top from its mastectomy counterpart.

This similarity in design makes it easy for breast cancer survivors to blend into the crowd on the beach. Nothing about the mastectomy tops calls attention to their wearers’ condition, so they can feel like they belong despite also being different. Topanga mastectomy tops free their wearers of the body-image-induced anxiety so that they can enjoy their time on the beach, by the pool, or in the water fully.

Sized to Fit the Average Woman

T.H.E. also makes Topanga tops more accessible to post-mastectomy patients by sizing and marketing them in missy sizes. This use of missy sizes makes it easy for most women to find a size that fits them as they currently are and alleviates body-image issues caused by tops that don’t quite fit right. Topanga tops come in sizes between 8 and 32W to accommodate women of every size and shape.

Mix and Match to Create Your Ideal Style

Topanga tank tops come in a wide variety of colorful designs and styles. Some, such as the Topanga mastectomy twisted-bra tankini top 62-60-748, feature a floral pattern and hug the body more closely. Others, such as the Topanga mastectomy swim tank top 16-60-746, drape more loosely over your frame. You can also choose a design with ruffles, such as the Topanga mastectomy three-ruffled swim tank top 43-60-752, if you prefer that style more.

T.H.E. also makes Topanga bottoms. You can match these bottoms with the top you prefer to create a personalized bathing suit set. With different colors and styles to choose from, you can use bottoms that match the color of your top for a cohesive appearance or use a contrasting color to add some pop to your summer outfit.

If you were an avid beachgoer before your mastectomy and would like to return to hitting the waves with absolute confidence in the way you look, get a Topanga bathing suit. With a Topanga suit, summer life after mastectomy doesn’t need to be dull and dreary.