USA Electric Car Sales Increased by 48 Percent in July

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With consumers becoming more conscious about the negative impact cars have on the environment and the cost of fuel skyrocketing across the world, numerous car manufacturers around the world decided to shift their production on new full-electric vehicles along with plug-in hybrid models. Fast-forwarding to a few years later, all-electric cars have now become the norm with USA EV sales increasing by an amazing 48% in the month of July, this year.

USA Electric Car Sales Increased by 48 Percent in July


Led by ZEV mandates in 9 states and Tesla Motors, energy independence has strongly made its way into the US passenger car market. Much of these electric car sales can be owed to worldwide electric motors’ efforts, but there are other brands that seemingly played an important role in July’s sudden surge of electric car sale increase. Among these include some of the most popular electric vehicles: the Chevy Spark EV, Ford Fusion Energy, BMW i3, and Chevrolet Volt

For starters, GM’s Chevrolet Spark EV experienced its best sales month in almost two years, with the demanding jumping all the way up to +484%. In addition to the Spark, even the Chevrolet Volt experienced its best sales in the same month with demand for the vehicle boosting all the way to 83% from a year earlier to 2,406 units. These two cars alone upped GM’s green-car sales by almost 49%, which means the brand sold more than 3,231 electric vehicles!

Meanwhile, Ford also showed great progression in electric and fusion hybrid sales. The brand reported that it experienced a 29% increase in electric-car sales, selling almost 7,466 units. Sales of the Fusion Energi Plug-in Hybrid and Fusion Hybrid rose to almost 57% and 63% from a year earlier, while the sales of their famous C-Max Energi PHEV and C-Max Hybrid went down by a minor 9%. BMW also flared pretty will with its impressive “I” sub-brand electric vehicle sales.

The brands reputable BMW i3 all-electric model successfully sold more than 1,479 units, which is an amazing 58% increase from past year. BMW also experienced a drop in its sales for the i8 model, which reached about 24%. However, the brand seems to be working hard in promoting its BMW-I models, so sales of its electric vehicles are bound to increase significantly by the year-end. Toyota was not quite successful in its electric car sales.

However, July did not prove to be a complete disaster for the brand. While the Toyota green-car sales were down, citizens of the US purchased more than 23,500 Toyota and Lexus plug-ins and hybrids. While the sales of the RAV4 Hybrid also moved up by 4,692 vehicles, the four Prius variants were down 29% from last year, which almost hit 13,000 units. This marked a 7.3% decline in sales from last year, but Toyota is still determined on boosting its efforts. Nissan also managed to benefit with quite a large number sales. Although they sales of its Leaf EV were down by 9.5%, the brand successfully managed to sell more than 1,063 all-electric units.

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