We believe in helping people create and grow through design. Interested in helping us spread that message? 99designs is always looking for new writers to contribute to our blog. Here are a couple things you need to know:

How do I submit?

We have a pitch form. Pitches are considered approximately once/week. If you don’t hear anything from us, it probably means the pitch was just not the right fit.

If we’re interested in the pitch, we’ll email you (possibly with some suggestions or ideas) and you will write the article. Once your article is submitted, it will be assigned to an editor on our team. They’ll work with you to finalize the piece.

What should I write about?

The goal of our blog is to educate self-starters (like entrepreneurs, marketers, freelancers and self-publishing authors) about the power of great design. We love articles on that give tips, offer practical advice, espouse opinions, teach, explain and inspire. Some subjects we love are:

  • Logo design
  • Book cover design and self publishing
  • Website design
  • Design or marketing tips for any of the design categories on our site
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Starting a business*
  • Freelancing*
  • Entrepreneurship*
  • Design basics (e.g. color theory, fonts, file types, etc) for non-designers
  • Organization
  • Creativity

*Entrepreneurship and business-centric articles should all relate to design in some way.

If that doesn’t get your brain percolating, we also maintain an article idea list. You are welcome to refer to it, or even submit pitches for the ideas on the list. Note that if there is a name next to the idea, a regular contributor is already working on a pitch for that topic.

We do not currently publish in-depth design tutorials (e.g. how to use XYZ tool in photoshop).

What are regular contributors and how can I become one?

When you find something good, you should hold onto it! When we find good writers, we want to keep working with them. Our regular contributors are authors who have written for us multiple times. They have the ability to claim pitches on our idea list. They make a little more money for each article they publish and also have the opportunity to write for us on assignment.

There are no hard-and-fast rules to becoming a contributor, but generally we are looking for people who pitch articles regularly, who turn around assignments promptly, who promote their work on social media, and are (most importantly) strong writers. Generally we’ll ask people to become regular contributors after 2-4 successfully published articles.

What makes a good article?

A good article:

  • Is on a topic you can speak about with authority.
  • Provides useful, tangible advice.
  • Is well structured so readers can easily glean information.
  • Is geared towards our target audience.
  • Does not have a lot of grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Is accompanied by appropriate, well-designed visuals (One approximately every 250 words)
  • Has a strong, fun voice.
  • Is one you would be proud to share on your own social media channels once it’s complete.

Once my pitch is accepted, what are the expectations?

  • Deliver a draft of your article in a timely manner (usually     about a week).
  • Perform any edits or rewrites requested by our editors.
  • Source imagery to illustrate the article.
  • Help distribute the article once it’s published! (By sharing on social media, e.g.)

Do you pay authors?

We do! Individual contributors to our blog are paid for each article that is published.

We do not pay companies to contribute to our blog. See below for more information.

Do you allow companies to guest blog or do content swaps?

Yes! If you’re a company looking to do a guest blog on our site, please go ahead and submit a pitch on our form. Please note that if accepted we will work with you just like we would any of our other writers, which may mean you’re asked to do rewrites. We also retain editorial control, so may make changes to the final article (this includes editing outbound links, though we guarantee at least one to your website).

If you want to swap content with us, indicate your website in the “anything else we should know” section.

Do you syndicate content?

We will consider pitches to republish/syndicate content. All syndicated content will be published with a canonical url pointing to the original article.

If you are interested in republishing our articles, please reach out to [email protected]

I have a question not answered here!

Please reach out to [email protected]