What are the Dangers of DIY Trenchless Sewer Repair?

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Where does all the waste you flush down our toilet go? Into the sewer lines that run from your home to a septic tank or some other containment facility. These lines are subject to leaks, blockages and a variety of other complications or damages that occur due to a variety of reasons. The results of such could be a foul stench that makes your home or office almost uninhabitable. To save some money, you may decide to do the repairs on your own instead of calling a professional. Before you pick up those tools, ask yourself this question; what are the dangers of doing it yourself trenchless sewer repair?

 DIY Trenchless Sewer Repair

1. Danger of personal injury

You have bought the equipment needed, read the user manuals and even watched a few instruction videos. You feel confident enough to start working on the project. However, it is important to remember that you are dealing with so much more than just the machines in use. In the process of repairing the pipes, something could go wrong, and the result could be an injury that lands you in the hospital or even the emergency room. In addition to the bill for the incomplete repairs, you will incur a hospital bill. Why not avoid this risk and call an expert?

2. You run the risk of damaging the sewer lines even more.

The process of repairing these lines is extremely delicate. In addition to that, the equipment being used could be powerful, and a slight slip could result in extensive damage. In such an instance, you will have to call the plumber anyway. The cost will also have risen since the damage you caused could be more extensive than the initial one.

3. You could lay the foundation for future damage

Professionals will not only do the job, but they will do it perfectly. With your limited knowledge of the process, you could lay the groundwork for greater damages in the future. For instance, a professional knows how to carry out the repairs in such a way that will protect you and the environment. He knows how to approximate where the roots of the tree are and how to best deal with the problem without causing any harm to the tree. You could injure the roots and as a result, harm the entire tree.

4. Time

I believe that to everybody, time is of the essence. A professional will carry out the repairs in a short time. A do it yourself project could run for many hours or even days. Your project will end up being an inconvenience to you. Your schedule will be interrupted and in some cases, result in you having to work on it after a tiresome day at work or having to choose between going to work and working on it.

5. You could be exposed to harmful bacteria

The fact that a lot of harmful bacteria reside just beyond your very clean toilet should not come as a surprise. An attempt to repair any damage to the sewer lines could free these bacteria. Your project will be a health hazard to you and those around you. Professionals know how to seal the pipes avoiding the occurrence of diseases that might harm you and your family.

6. You pose a threat to your home

The origin of the sewer lines is inside your house. If you happen to attempt repairs, you could damage your house extensively. The foundation and the piece of land on which it sits are both very delicate. A slight interference could mean damage to one or both of these aspects. In the end, it would have been cheaper to hire an expert than to attempt the repairs yourself.

7. You risk an overflow

In an effort to repair a leak, you could block the pipes resulting in an overflow. Since the pipes run from inside your house, it should not be difficult to know where the overflow will take place. Imagine foul smelling water coming from your toilet. You may have to vacate your home temporarily as the experts do repairs. In addition to the bill for the repairs, you will also face damage to your property and cleaning bills.

A trenchless repair job may seem like an easy task, but the process is complex. The factors to be considered are more than just the pipes below the surface of the earth. Hiring a professional is not only safe, but it could also be economical. The points mentioned above are just a few answers to the question what are the dangers of DIY trenchless sewer repair.