Six Different Types Of Flooring Ideas For Offices

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There are a number of ways in which one can do the flooring in an office.

1. For one, one can have carpets and carpet tiles on the floor.

This type of flooring is one which works well in events when some sort of sound proofing is required. Also, it exudes an overall atmosphere of cosiness and warmth. However, there is a lot of maintenance which is required when one uses this type of floor covering. Carpets tend to get dirty with time and usage and they have to be dry cleaned or washed regularly. Otherwise, the whole façade appears very untidy and unclean.

2. One can have vinyl flooring as well. This gives a somewhat commercial type of ambience to the whole place.

This tends to stay put for a longer time. It works well in environments with a greater foot fall or a larger number of people utilising the space here. There is little chance of any kind of damage to this type of flooring. What is best about this is that it is simple to clean and requires very little upkeep as well.

3. Rubber flooring, too, is good in those places where usage is maximum.

There are a large number of people coming and going and there is a lot of stamping and moving around on the floor area. Again, this too, makes for rough usage and does not spoil easily. It is also not difficult to clean or keep tidy. Another advantage with it is that it comes in a good many number of colours and textures.

4. Hardwood type of flooring – this is a very popular format since many, many years.

It gives a very resplendent type of character and feel to the whole environment of any office. A bit of care has to be taken with this type of flooring or else the wood may get damp or moisture laden during certain instances. If the quality of wood used is good and durable, one can utilise this type of flooring in office for a long time.

5. Laminated flooring – this is something of a country cousin variety in types of flooring.

It is slightly easy on the pocket to have such floor in place. The process of lamination basically means mixing up of some substances and merging them into one. The resultant material is very hardy and does not damage or chip up easily.

6. Having tiling done with stone tiles – this is a very attractive type of flooring.

One can go ga-ga over the range of tiles which is available in the market as on date. One can pick and choose from geometric designs to earthy ones to ornamental ones and can work out the option which suits one the best. Also, the range of colours in which the tiles are available is aplenty. One can mix and match the floor tiles with the upholstery or the curtains or even the furniture colours. This can lead to lot of harmony of various hues in the whole ambience of the office.